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All staff at Sterling Academy of Gymnastics are checked against CORI & SORI prior to employment, for your safety.

Staff members are also safety certified, professional members of USA Gymnastics,
through which a national background check is performed regularly.

In addition, Sterling Gym maintains Safety Certifications and staff members receive annual training in First Aid, CPR and AED.

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John and Nancy Carbone, Owners

On November 16, 1992, Sterling Academy of Gymnastics opened its doors with one set of bars, one beam, and 100 students enrolled. John and Nancy, business owners and managers of a small construction company for 25 years, began Sterling Academy with high hopes and dreams.

Nancy has been involved in gymnastics since 1978 when her children took up the sport. Her son Matthew competed at a local club and at Sterling Gymnastics and finally at Syracuse University until 1997. During this time, Nancy had been part of the parent's organization for gymnastics.

John and Nancy's role as owners is not the typical one. John, licensed in construction for 25 years, takes on any project handed to him. You will find him plowing the parking lot, working the counter, or building a 12,000 sq ft addition. John is the silent partner, the Jack of all Trades, and the one who works his butt off to get things done.

Nancy's role as owner, bookkeeper, business manager and class instructor is a tough one to balance. But like John, Nancy also does the dirty work. She wouldn't think twice about cleaning the bathroom, emptying the trash or cleaning up what other people have left behind.

Today, Sterling Academy has expanded to Dance, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Ninja Challenge, Fitness, Summer Camp, Cartwheels Cafe, and so much more. The gym has grown by 12,000 square feet including a new Jungle Gym and a Ninja Challenge Gym. To say the least, Nancy and John put everything they have into Sterling Gym. You can usually find them at the gym in the morning, noon, and night, not to mention weekends and special events. They have made the gym, not only bigger and better, but because of their skills and perseverance, they have given thousands of children the opportunity to become stronger, more confident and hopefully fulfill their dreams too.

1. USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
2. First Aid and CPR Certified
3. USA Gymnastics Meet Director Certified
4. USA Gymnastics Professional Member

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