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2011 Meet Results:

Session 1 L2 Penny
Session 1 L3 Penny
Session 1 L4 Penny
Session 1 L4 Nickel
Session 1 L4 Dime

Session 2 L4 Penny
Session 2 L4 Nickel
Session 2 L4 Dime
Session 2 L4 Quarter
Session 2 L4 Half Dollar
Session 2 L4 Dollar

Session 3 PR Penny
Session 3 PR Nickel
Session 3 PR Dime
Session 3 PR Quarter
Session 3 PN Dollar

Session 4 PR Penny
Session 4 PR Nickel
Session 4 PR Dime
Session 4 PR Quarter
Session 4 PR Half Dollar
Session 4 PR Dollar

Session 5 PN Penny
Session 5 PN Nickel
Session 5 PN Dime
Session 5 PN Quarter
Session 5 PN Half Dollar

Session 6 LPN Nickel
Session 6 LPN Dime
Session 6 LPN Quarter
Session 6 LPI Nickel
Session 6 LPI Dime
Session 6 LPI Quarter

Session 7 LPI Penny
Session 7 LPI Nickel
Session 7 LPI Dime
Session 7 LPI Quarter
Session 7 LPI Dollar

Session 8 LPA Nickel
Session 8 LPA Dime
Session 8 LPA Quarter
Session 8 LPS Dollar

Session 9 L5 Penny
Session 9 L5 Nickel
Session 9 L5 Dime
Session 9 L5 Quarter
Session 9 L5 Half Dollar

Session 10 L5 Penny
Session 10 L5 Nickel
Session 10 L5 Dime

Session 11 L6 Penny
Session 11 L6 Nickel
Session 11 L6 Dime
Session 11 L6 Quarter
Session 11 L6 Dollar
Session 11 L9 Dollar
Session 11 L10 Dollar

Session 12 L7 Penny
Session 12 L7 Nickel
Session 12 L7 Dime
Session 12 L8 Nickel
Session 12 L8 Dime

2011 Team Results

Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
PREP Rookie
PREP Novice
PREP Intermediate
PREP Advanced
PREP Superior

2010 Results

February 4-6, 2011

During each session, we will be playing the old TV favorite, "Let's Make A Deal". Gymnasts should fill their gym bags with a variety of items that the game show host might ask for. During each event rotation, the game show host will ask the athletes to show an item (i.e. socks, hair spray, coin, purple furby). The first gymnast to produce the item will be presented with a prize they may choose to keep or trade for a mysterious prize hidden behind curtain #1, curtain #2, or curtain #3.

As was in the original game show, some prizes are extravagant, while others are as exciting as a bag of red bliss potatoes!

Open to Levels 2-10 and Prep.

Compulsories $50 each       Optional $55 each       PREP $50 each

***Team Fees only $35***

Awards will be trophies, medals, ribbons and team awards with the "Let's Make A Deal" theme! Every athlete will receive a free gift for attending the "2011 Let's Make A Deal" theme meet!

Entry deadline is January 8, 2011

All teams entered for team competition receive a FREE 8x10 team photo for their gym!

Please call 978-422-ROLL for additional information. (ask for Vasko)

Email: sterlinggym@gmail.com

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