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February 5-7, 2016

Nov. 2, 2015 - Rosters and Payments due

Dec. 23, 2015 - Scratch deadline and level changes

No refunds after Dec. 23, 2015

During each session, we will be playing the old TV favorite, "Let's Make A Deal". Gymnasts should fill their gym bags with a variety of items that the game show host might ask for. During each event rotation, the game show host will ask the athletes to show an item (i.e. socks, hair spray, coin, purple furby). The first gymnast to produce the item will be presented with a prize they may choose to keep or trade for a mysterious prize hidden behind curtain #1, curtain #2, or curtain #3.

As was in the original game show, some prizes are extravagant, while others are as exciting as a bag of red bliss potatoes!

Open to Levels 1-10 and Xcel.

Compulsories $55 each       Optional $60 each       Xcel $55 each

***Team Fees only $35***
(includes team photo or $25 w/o team photo)

Awards will be trophies, medals, ribbons and team awards with the "Let's Make A Deal" theme! Every athlete will receive a free gift for attending the 2016 Let's Make A Deal theme meet!

Please call 978-422-ROLL for additional information.


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