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Our Background

We were founded on the belief that student athletes deserve a better life balance, without sacrificing their education or their athletic training. Our students excel in school, athletics and life! We also understand the unique challenges that parents of student-athletes face, and we provide a "one drop off, one pickup" solution for most school days. When you drop your child off at Sterling Gym each day, their educational and athletic needs will be met in an warm, caring environment. The combination of online learning with in-person enrichment and coaching provides the ideal environment for young student-athletes to thrive.

Our Expertise

Directed by Nicole Daly, a Massachusetts Licensed Teacher with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Psychology and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. Mrs. Daly taught for 20 years in the Wachusett school system and worked with student athletes for 10 years. As Director of Sterling Gym’s Academic Coaching Center, Nicole will lead this new program on a path of enrichment and education, with further emphasis on life skills, to create a more balanced, higher quality of life for participating students. She will be providing the necessary guidance, structure and assistance for online education programs while your child continues to develop the skills they need for success!

Our Difference

Kids deserve to be kids. Even the top student-athletes get burnt out after a full school day and late night workouts followed by hours of homework. Students in the Academic Coaching Center will be coached through their academics and athletics while providing necessary life skills and numerous enrichment opportunities. We believe students can have NCAA college athletic goals (and beyond!) while still being a kid. Let us help your child find their best life balance while having MORE FUN at Sterling Gym!

What is the Academic Coaching Center at Sterling Gym?

The Academic Coaching Center offers an in-person learning center for our student athletes who participate in online learning through programs such as TEC Connections Academy, and other online learning programs. The program is geared towards student athletes who want to get more out of their school day. Through a combination of online learning, in-person enrichment & socialization, and a schedule that better coordinates with their workout schedules, students and parents are able to obtain a better school/athletic/life balance.

My child is on the gymnastics team. Will their workouts change?

Currently, the gymnastics team workout schedule will remain the same, however the hours that your child attends the Academic Coaching Center can be tailored to provide one drop off and one pick up for parents on most days. In addition, students will have additional opportunities for calisthenics workouts in the gym, as well as much more physical activity during the school day than is offered in most traditional school programs.

Is this only open to competitive team gymnasts?

No! While competitive gymnasts do benefit from our program, it is open to any athlete (or artist, dancer, singer, musician, etc) who is looking for a rigorous academic program that offers flexibility, socialization and enrichment!

Can I use a different online learning platform?

Yes! While TEC Connections Academy is the Massachusetts free public school online program, and is accredited and NCAA approved, you are welcome to use any online learning platform. We do require that the student participates in online learning, as our program is a tutoring/coaching service, not an independent school with it's own curriculum.

What is the cost of the Academic Coaching Center?

Tuition rates for the 23/24 year are $600 per month (10 months, which includes full day Monday through Friday in person academic coaching tailored to your child's own athletic workout schedule, providing you with one drop off and pickup on most days for Sterling Gym athletes (exception is late practices starting later than 4pm). In addition, your child has access to the fully accredited, NCAA approved, online public school through TEC Connections Academy. Your child can learn at their own pace, supported by our Learning Coaches. We feel that this pricing is significantly lower than the comparable private schools in the area, while providing parents and students with a flexible day, rigorous academics through TEC Connections Academy, a variety of enrichment programs, and Learning Coaches who understand the unique needs of student athletes.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes! Scholarships are available. More information on scholarships will be coming out soon!

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