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Gymnastics programs for kids ages 18 months to 18 years.

Welcome to the Sterling Academy of Gymnastics. We offer safe and structured programs for preschool gymnastics, recreational gymnastics and USA Gymnastics competitive team programs.

Although a strict attire is not required for our gymnastics program, it is suggested that girls wear leotards and boys wear shorts and t-shirts. Please, no loose fitting or oversized clothing, no buckles, snaps, or zippers. No tights with feet or leotards with tu-tu's. Long hair must be tied back. No gum or jewelry is allowed in the program areas. We now offer 1 session from September to June, with automatic, monthly billing schedules.

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Sterling Jungle Gym Gymnastics program for ages 18 months to 5 years

Jungle Gym for children 18-30 months
(50 minute parent and tot class with 8:1 ratio)
  Class Schedule and Pricing

This program is designed for children 18 to 30 months of age. Classes provide an introduction into movement and coordination with an emphasis on gross motor skill development. Each class is taught in a structured environment, with the help of a parent or adult so that even our youngest gymnasts learn in a safe and fun atmosphere.
Jungle Gym for children 2-1/2 to 3 years
(50 minute parent and tot class with 6:1 ratio)
  Class Schedule and Pricing

This class is an introduction to basic gymnastics where balance, strength and motor skills are introduced and developed on all apparatus. This is a parent / instructor-directed class.
Jungle Gym for children 4-5 years old
(60 minute class with 6:1 ratio)
  Class Schedule and Pricing

This is a continuation of basic gymnastics where skills are built upon through a sequential learning process. Children start to work more independently as they move through circuits and obstacles with the supervision of an instructor. Gymnastics terminology is also introduced.
This 1-hour class is geared towards the 5 year old who is ready to learn fundamental gymnastics skills as a preparation for the recreational gym (big gym) class program. We strive to improve each child’s gymnastics skill proficiency while improving self confidence and expressive skills in social settings.
KidzPlay for children 1-5 years old
    (60 minute open class)
  Class Schedule
Price: $10 drop-in fee. (open to both non-enrolled students and enrolled students)

This is a monthly drop-in class. (Currently enrolled students are welcome to use this class for a make-up.)
Each KidzPlay starts with a quick group warm-up followed by obstacle courses, games, relays and dancing. Each month will be unique and will encourage children to play together in a supportive environment.

KidzPlay dates and times are available on our calendar page.

Hot Shots
    (60 minute class)
  Class Schedule and Pricing

Our Hot Shots class is an invitation-only 1 hour class that is geared toward developing the strength and flexibility of young, talented athletes, who show the desire and focus needed to work their way onto our competitive team. Body positions, presentation, and basic skills will be addressed in this class. Participation in the Hot Shots class is on a trial basis. Some students will be asked to continue with our recreational gymnastics program, while others may be asked to join our Levels program.

Amazing Acrobats for children 6-18 years
  Class Schedule and Pricing

Our grade-school program is for students between the ages of 6 and 18 years. The student / teacher ratio for this program is 8:1. This is a traditional gymnastics program that guides children through the fundamentals of artistic gymnastics on all Olympic events. Children in this program follow the skill progressions laid out by the USA Gymnastics program. Classes meet for one hour per week to start with and, as the child progresses to more advanced levels, they may move to a longer class.

Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training class is a 1.5 hour class that meets twice per week and is designed for athletes who are physically and emotionally ready for an increase in training hours. Both the Hot Shots and Advanced Training classes are designed to train girls to be on our competitive team within a year or so of joining. Both classes require a year round commitment, and there will be additional expenses for anyone who continues on to our Team Program. In addition to an increase in training hours, Team Members are required to pay yearly meet fees and uniform costs. Meet fees and uniform costs may be worked off if you choose, by participating in fund raising activities and also by working at our home meets.

Any questions about this program should be directed to Coach Michelle.

Recreational League
  Class Schedule and Pricing

Our exciting Recreational League is a 2 hour class program designed for students who want to do a little more with their gymnastics than a 1-hour weekly class. In this program, girls will learn skills appropriate for their level, and then learn a routine that incorporates these skills. They will then be able to participate in low key, in house “competitions” where they will show off their routines for their family and friends!

The Recreational League requires the following:

—A school year commitment (September through June). Classes are offered in the Summer, but are not required.
—The purchase of a Recreational League leotard, which is approximately $45. This leotard will be used for their competitions, and they may also wear it to their weekly practices.
—Participation in 2 out of the 3 meets is required. Meet fees are approximately $20 per meet.

Any student interested in this program should email Coach Trina.

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